Many smokers may still not familiar with heatstick and wonder what difference lies between it and traditional cigarettes. Although they look fairly similar to each other, they are totally 2 different products. Today, we are going to discuss the differences in this article to give you a better insight into the comparatively new product in the industry.


What is the Difference

A cigarette is a tobacco rolled in paper that can be lit by a lighter. It burns at around 600 ℃ and when it burns, it releases combusted chemicals that smokers will inhale through the unlit end, which is harmful and raises great healthy concerns to smokers.

Unlike traditional cigarette, heatstick is a heat-not-burn (HNB) product that may or may not contain tobacco. Just as the name suggests, heatstick is heated rather than being burned and this is the major difference between the two products. Heatstick is heated by an electronic heating device like IQOS to 300 ℃, a much lower temperature compared to conventional cigarette which could reach up to 900℃, in this way heatstick produces an aerosol that contains nicotine with much less harmful chemicals. It is those combusted chemicals that cause smoking-related health problem, not nicotine itself.


Are Heatstick Healthier than Cigarette

Currently, there is no actual evidence that prove heat not burn products are safer than traditional cigarettes in long term as some heat not burn still contains tobacco and there is no completely safe tobacco product. But heat not burn can greatly reduce the health risks related to tobacco in a way as it releases fewer toxic chemicals and cancer-causing substances, which is a huge advantage over cigarette.

However, there are a lot of types of heat not burn products in the market that have various functions. As mentioned above, the combusted substances are the main cause of health disease, not nicotine. Genmist Heatstick is 100% completely free from tobacco and its nicotine is extracted from organic fiber plants, thus it will not produce tobacco-related harmful toxins and is much healthier.