For healthier concerns, many smokers switched from cigarettes to vape in recent years. But vaping does not work as a replacement for cigarettes for lots of people as it does not provide a real smoking experience and the taste is quite different from tobacco. Thus, a few brands make efforts to develop a new kind of product that replicate cigarette but cause less harm. In 2014, IQOS introduced a new product called heat-not-burn, a device that heat the tobacco stick rather than burn it to create vapour and smoke. Since then, heated tobacco products designed by varieties of companies hit the market.


What is Heatsticks?

Heatstick is a cigarette-like stick with a filter, it will be heated around 300 Celsius degrees by a heated device such as IQOS to produce tobacco-flavoured nicotine vapour. Heatsticks allow users to enjoy and feel like smoking a cigarette without inhaling harmful combusted tobacco. In recent years, some kinds of tobacco-free heatsticks has gained increasing popularity and Genmist herbal heatsticks is among the list. Such kind of herbal heatstick are completely free from tobacco and contains zero tar, its nicotine are derived from organic plants and fiber instead of tobacco leaf.

How to Use the Heatsticks?

You need to insert the stick into a heated device like IQOS which will heat the stick with a cartridge. Once heated at 300℃, it generates water vapour containing mostly nicotine and flavoring. The nicotine water vapour passes through the silicon cooler and filter tip to become warm, pleasant vapour into the mouth.


Why Choose Heatsticks?

As described above, the heatsticks is being heated rather than ignited and in this way, it does not generate harmful combusted chemicals. It is used and tasted just like tobacco but with much less risk. Unlike cigarettes, heatsticks has no smell and no ash, there is no tobacco residue on your teeth and your hair and fingers will not have remaining tobacco smell.

The biggest advantage of heatstick especially Genmist Herbal Heatstick is that it provides a much healthier and safer smoking alternative to users who intend to quit tobacco but still want to enjoy the feeling of smoking. For those who have tried vaping but find something is missing, heatsticks is worth a try.