Genmist Heatsticks are heat not burn products that deliver authentic satisfaction for smokers who want to quit smoking cigarettes. There are eight flavours currently available to choose from in Genmist Shop, however, you may be confused of the difference of each flavour. Today, we will address the problem and explain it in details.


The Classic flavour was the first Genmist Heatstick product released in 2015. As the name suggests, it has a traditional classic tobacco flavour. Though it does not contain tobacco leaf, you can still enjoy a strong tobacco taste and the nicotine hit.


Light is a smooth and lighter version of Classic, with a Light has a lighter tobacco taste. It is a go to choice for smokers who is used to smoking less strong cigarettes or women smokers. 


The Mint flavour stick delivers a fresh mint aroma and gives your throat a cool feeling, a perfect mixture of refreshing minty taste and cooling sensation. It tastes similar to traditional cool smoke. A superb minty flavor for those who want to keep fresh breath.


A much stronger and more powerful mint flavour compared to Mint. An intense menthol cooling sensation complemented with a faint tobacco blend, Menthol is an ideal choice for smokers who seeks an intense mint that hits the throat.


Genmist’s most popular heatstick flavour, it boasts a well balanced fruity blueberry and menthol taste. With a refreshing and pleasant aftertaste and a strong lingering aroma of blueberry, it is a flavour that you shall not miss.


A sweet and woody flavour, you could feel an the aromatic smell of cinnamon on inhale. The unique spicy aroma of cinnamon brings the warmth of holiday and reminds you of the happy memories. Not a commonly seem flavour in the market, but for people who is addictive to cinnamon, it is the very choice.


A complex and rich coffee accompanied by a light tobacco taste, its smoky coffee aroma makes you feel like you are holding a cup of hot latte with a warm and heavy coffee scent lingering in the air, a must try for coffee lovers.

Yellow Blast

Yellow Blast possesses a refreshing lemon taste blended with a light menthol, with natural fruit capsule inside the stick. A new arrival that you should try.

All the Genmist heatsticks flavour has its unique taste that win customers' heart. For new customer who do not know which one to start, we recommend you try our heatstick mixpack in which all the flavours are included.