PMJ launched IQOS ILUMA series in September.2021, which has revolutionized the heat not burn industry.

IQOS Iluma abolishes the heating blade that considered to be the identity of the company’s previous heating systems, instead, its tobacco-heating system uses an induction-heating technology that heats the tobacco from within the stick.  

The move has completely changed the industry as most of the heatsticks in the market are not compatible with the new series. Genmist has been developing a special heatstick that is specific to IQOS Iluma to expand its portfolio in the past few months. The auto-start function will detect the metal inserted in the specially designed Genmist heatstick and turns on the device, which provides a much more enjoyable and convenient using experience as there will be no tobacco or plant residue no need to clean the device.

In light with the feedbacks from our the customers and our staff that have tried out the new Genmist Heatstick, the new series features a better taste and stronger smoke. The new herbal stick will be released next month.