Last week, Genmist has launched its first batch of NFTs, a set of 7 characters representing Genmist core team.

Many people may wonder what is NFTs, well, NFT stands for Non-fungible token defined as digital assets in the form of art, music, paintings, etc. It means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else. We believe each individual is non fungible. Genmist team is a group of people who believes that non-tobacco is the future, thus we develop and innovate the latest non-tobacco products which deliver the nicotine satisfaction without any unpleasant ashes from the burning of tobacco. 

We are going to give away one of the limited edition of Genmist NFTs as a thank you for the support. Enter the giveaway competition below to win your unique Genmist NFT now!

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Winner will be announced on 11.11.

Thank you for your support!