Slated caramel, Jamaican run or the classic apple and cinnamon? Choosing your e-liquid flavour may be one of the most exciting things about vaping. But it’s the make-up of your e-juice that actually makes the biggest difference. And with some vapers reporting having allergic reactions to their vaping juices, choosing the e-liquid with the right composition is crucial to a safe and pleasant vaping experience.

Do PG e-liquids cause allergic reactions?

As you may well know, your e-liquid can be PG-based, VG-based or mixed. The type of e-juice you go for depends on what you want to get from the experience.
PG liquids are based on propylene glycol and are often preferred by those looking for a stronger throat hit.
VG liquids consist primarily of vegetable glycerin and are noted for their ability to make big clouds.
Then, you have a whole range of e-liquids that use both PG and VG, mixed in different proportions.
Choosing your e-liquid composition is mostly a matter of personal preference and depends on what vaping device you are using and how you want to vape. Unless, that is, you are allergic to propylene glycol. According to statistics, about 4% of people in the world will experience an allergic reaction with an e-liquid containing PG. So, how do you know you are allergic?
What are PG allergy symptoms?
One in ten people say that they experience a certain level of sensitivity when vaping a PG- based e-liquid. The symptoms may range from a light dry throat feeling to hives.
So, how do you know if you are allergic?
Before diagnosing yourself with a PG allergy, consider ifthe symptoms you are experiencing may be connected to what is known as “a smoker’s flu”, a set of temporary symptoms associated with smoking withdrawal. These typically include headaches, nausea, sore throat, dizziness and even mouth ulcers. These can also be the signs that you are using an e-liquid with a very high nicotine content— if this is the case, try lowering your nicotine intake. Dehydration is another common side effect of vaping — try drinking more water to compensate forPG and VG e-liquids attracting moisture.
Then, there are several symptoms that are direct indications of an allergic reaction to PG. These often include :
  • Gum swelling
  • Rashes and hives
  • Sinus discomfort
  • Severe pain when swallowing
If you are experiences any or a combination of these symptoms when vaping a PG containing e-liquid, you may be allergic to propylene glycol.
What to do if you are allergic to PG?
Just because you are sensitive or allergic to PG e-liquids does not mean you have to stop vaping. All you need to do is find a 100% VG e-liquid and you can continue exploring the advantages of vaping over smoking further. Check with your preferred e-liquid brand if they make juices that are 100% VG.In fact, some e-liquid makers, having recognized the need for pure VG e-juices, have released special product lines with the focus on just that–like the VSAVI E-Liquids line by Pure E-liquids. The vape juices in this line are not only 100% VG but also completely organicand eco-friendly; they are not tested on animals and are sold in medical grade plastic bottles.The liquids are formulated to be less viscous than most VG e-juices and won’t clog up your tank – but you will still be able to blow those signature big clouds in juicy flavors likeApricot or Raspberry or the classic Pure Virginiaby Pure E-liquids.
Next, check if your vaping device is compatible with100% VG e-liquids. For instance, IQ Vaping’s hybrid pod mod IQ ONE uses 0.8 coils that are perfectly suitable for vaping 100% VG and are good for up to 15 refills. IQ ONE 0.8 coils would be the perfect fit for 100%VG liquids by Pure E-liquids
Finally, it’s always a good idea to consult a medical professional of you are experiencing any kind of allergic reaction. This way, you can confirm what specific substances you are allergic to and get recommendations on how to avoid them
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