As the raise of awareness of healthy lifestyle, more and more people tend to quit smoking gradually. Some traditional smokers start to choose a reduced risk alternative - Vaping.

iQ, an e-cigarette brand of Hangsen, which is the world’s leading manufacturer of e-liquid and vaping device since 2009. iQ's core values of innovation and quality show that IQ products are not only looking good, they’re also durable and reliable.

Guided by the mission to play an important role to let more traditional smokers choose a reduced risk alternative way for themselves, iQ just launched a new product named iQ ONE, it has a cool looking and neat design with 4 colors available, charcoal, fuchsia mix, white splat and tangerine. The surface is covered with visually striking leather or IML finishes. The dimension fits your hands really well and you'll feel really comfortable holding it for the whole day. What's the most important is freebased and nic salt is compatible in this little device. There are two kinds of coils served in this device - 0.6 ohm and 0.8 ohm, of which the front is for freebased juice and the rear is for nic salt juice. The flavor is impressive of both coils. And with iQ chipset inside the body, ONE has a high and reliable performance. 1100 mAh battery capacity offers a long-last use for you and no worries about the power off during your travelling.

Innovation and quality would always be what iQ chases for. iQ devices are engineered for smokers. Why not try this much reduced risk alternative? It's "the only ONE you need".

IQ ONE Pre-order is available from March 20th to 27th with £5 off on

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