It depends on what you mean by “better”. Vaping is significantly less harmful to your health than smoking. According to the extensive research curated by Public Health England, vaping is 95% less health-risky than smoking — and that’s the key factor that makes most people consider the switch.


Plus, there are quite a few lifestyle benefits as well.


First, second-hand vaping has not been proven to pose any health risks — thus, it can be a much more “acceptable” social activity compared to smoking.


Second, vaping has a lesser negative impact on the environment. With vaping, there is much less waste: one of the biggest problems with traditional cigarettes is the synthetic fiber filters that are often tossed on the street with the toxins in cigarette butts going into the soil. It is estimated that over 600 million trees are cut down every year to make cigarettes — and you get to avoid that with vaping. Plus, vaping produces less than 1/20th of the air pollutants compared to tobacco cigarettes.


Third, it’s simply cheaper. With the cost of cigarettes in Europe increasing every year, vaping is a much more economical alternative.


If you are considering going from smoking to vaping, it’s best to start simple and explore all the benefits step by step. Consider using a pod mod device first like JUUL or iQ Air or, if you are looking for something a bit more substantial, iQ One or Nord.

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