Mechanical mods are more sophisticated devices and are typically recommended for experienced vapers. Unlike regulate mods, mechanical mods give you more freedom for personalizing your vape but there is no electric circuit responsible for controlling the wattage — both wattage and temperature outputs are only controlled by coil resistance.


The first thing you will need to know for the safe operation of a mechanical vaping device is

Ohm’s law. The law states that “the electric current is proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance”. The way this translates into battery safety is this: if the rated current value is exceeded, excessive power is drawn and this may lead to the cell leaking or exploding.


How to avoid that?


Check the resistance of the coil and the voltage output on the battery pack. Then, you will need to calculate the amps your coil will draw by using the following formula: I=V/R, meaning

Current=Voltage/Resistance. Then, compare the resulting value with the maximum rating of your batteries: the current should never exceed the max rating of your device’s battery/batteries.

This is extremely important: if you overpower your mech mod, it may short circuit and explode putting you and those around you in grave danger. If you have overloaded your batteries, immediately disconnect them from your vaping gadget and dispose of them in a secure place where they can not cause harm to anyone.


Note that extreme care should be exercised when vaping on sub-ohm systems as these are especially tricky when it comes to power requirements.

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