Before getting into detail on this, it’s important to note that vaping on a plane (and this includes an airplane bathroom) is illegal. And as some of the recent incidents illustrate, this is not a rule to be taken lightly. As an example, a passenger who was vaping on a Spirit Airlines flight has received a lifetime ban from the airline.


So, will the clouds from your vaping gadget set off a smoke alarm? It depends on a few factors.

You may have seen videos on YouTube where people blow clouds right into their home smoke alarms and nothing happens. Well, smoke detectors on a plane are a bit different — and much more sensitive. According to reports (and yes, there are those who have tried this) even blowing vapor on the floor will trigger a plane’s smoke alarm. Blowing clouds into the sink or toilet might prevent the vapor from reaching the smoke detector — but this hardly makes for a pleasant vaping experience — especially with the risks involved.

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