iQ Air is the lightest, simplest and smallest of our vaping devices. It’s engineered especially for those who want to make an easy transition from smoking to vaping — with none of the fuss. 

This is a detailed introduction to what iQ Air is, how it works and what makes it special.



iQ Air is both discrete and stylish: you can hide it if you want and show it off if you will. Measuring just 16.5mm x 6.5mm x 110mm and weighing just ADD WEIGHT,  iQ Air is one of the lightest pods on the market. It can fit right into your pocket and won’t draw any attention to itself. With that, it’s a very sturdy little gadget made of durable aluminum alloy and carefully tested for drops, humidity and temperature changes so that it can serve you long and well.




A vaping gadget can’t get any simpler than iQ Air. It’s ready to use right out of the box and is draw activated. No buttons to press, no settings to tweak, no power to adjust. Simply take a puff and enjoy the flavour.


Out of juice?


Simply take out the old pod, replace it with a new one and you’re all set for another vaping session.




Don’t let the miniature size fool you. iQ Air runs on a 200mAh battery, which makes for ADD HOURS of flavourful vaping. Charging the gadget is a delight: simply connect it to the magnetic charging dock and let it rest for a bit. In no time, it will be ready for a new vape spell.




iQ Air runs on pre-filled pods. For you, this means no hassle with refilling the e-liquid, cleaning the tank, etc. All iQ Air pods are nic salt based: this means that you get an experience that is much closer to smoking and will give you the same level of satisfaction. Plus, there are great savings to benefit from: 1 Pod ≈ 200 puffs ≈ 20  cigarettes.


Choose between juicy berry flavours like strawberry and blueberry, refreshing menthol or the classic tobacco.






There is nothing to worry about when vaping with iQ Air. The mini gadget features over-use protection, short circuit protection, low resistance protection and low voltage protection

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