iQ, an e-cigarette brand which is owned by Hangsen, the world's biggest e-liquid manufacturer, is enhancing their product line with their newest release-iQ ONE, which would be launched in UK and France on March 20th.

Their core values of innovation and quality show that iQ products are not only looking good, they’re also durable and reliable. Guided by the mission to play an important role to let more traditional smokers choose a reduced risk alternative way for themselves, just like the iQ slogan - "Engineered for Smokers". iQ device is famous for the unique design and good flavor, iQ 3Secs, regarded by many people for its sleek apple inspired design, is the flagship model of iQ brand.

Back to iQ ONE, it is said that iQ One has a cool looking and neat design with 4 colors: charcoal, white splat, fuchsia mi ,and tangerine. Unique design to the touch makes it more comfortable for the users. With so many unanswered questions, for example, open system or closed system? What's the resistance of the coil? How's the flavor? How big is the battery? And many people are wondering why it's named "ONE"? iQ fans can't wait to find out.

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