Since iQ VIVA(£24.99) launched not long ago, it's been a hot-seller in the UK, German and Italian market for its excellent flavour and user experience.

iQ is a brand owned by Hangsen, the world's biggest e-liquid manufacturer. Designed in the USA and manufactured in China, IQ's vision is to provide smokers with a new lifestyle, innovative and high-quality devices. 

Let's take a look at iQ VIVA.

Little Mod with Comfortable Design

iQ VIVA is one of the smallest mod in the world. Designed with the concept of Ergonomics, it fits well in your hand and you would feel extremely comfortable when holding it. The body is built with aviation grade magnalium, which would give your palm a good touch. Not like the heavy box mod, iQ VIVA is only 81g in weight. You may take it everywhere easily for it's tiny and light.

Excellent flavour and Performance

iQ VIVA's biggest selling point is its flavour. This is definitely what consumers care about the most. With a 0.8 ohm coil, VIVA's tank works really well. You may taste the original flavour of the juice, such as tobacco, strawberry, menthol and blueberry. Just imagine the good time when you are picking fruit or having desserts! To be honest, the vapour production is impressive - large enough for vape tricks. The airflow is adjustable and there are totally three airflow holes on the tank, among which two are small, another is big. Small airflow is OK for daily use, but if you want more vapour production, you may turn it up. There are three modes of voltage adjustment so that consumers can choose according to their preferences. The powerful chipset makes it operate smoothly and quickly. Mouth-to-lung or directly to the lung, in both ways you can enjoy the good flavour of iQ VIVA.


Battery and Other Functions

Although iQ VIVA is small at hand, it's got 1100mAh battery capacity. This allows the long-last use for the whole day. The LED Battery Indicator with three power settings - low, medium and high. And it only takes 1.5 hours to charge it up. Also, it provides the protection of short circuit, over time, overcharge, overheat, low voltage and no load. That makes iQ VIVA a reliable and safe kit for users. 



iQ VIVA is worth trying for those who want to switch to vaping from smoking. It has got an excellent flavour and it's easy and convenient to use. Just enjoy every puff of it in your daily life. 

In addition, iQ is doing an iQ VIVA promotion in UK offline vape shops from March 25th - buy iQ VIVA and 3 Hangsen juices for £22.99(Original price is £31.99). The quantity is limited, so you'd better hurry up.

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