Vaping is still a relatively new thing. True, most people have seen it or heard about it — but still, occasionally, your vaping gear may still be the elephant in the room. And this means there will be questions. What is the most annoying question you’ve been asked as a vaper? Some of our favorites are right down below.


"So you didn't really quit smoking?"


Some people equate vaping to smoking and, even if you are vaping zero nic, see no difference between that and Marlboro Lights. Technically, you could go on a rant here about how vaping is one of the most effective smoking cessation aids and the many differences between the two processes — but that’s totally your call.


“Isn’t it just as bad as smoking?”


It would be great to have a shirt for this occasion saying “Vaping is 95% less health risky than smoking (according to Public Health England)”. This research has been quoted by vapers so many times — we deserve a T-shirt.


“That can explode, you know?”


Every time a “breaking news” headline comes out about something exploding because of a battery malfunction, some people will think it happens all the time: be that phones, laptops, vaping devices or even fidget spinners. Just have to make our peace with this.


“Aren’t you just vaping toxic chemicals?”


Your e-liquid label can easily answer that for you. Most e-liquids consist of only 4 key ingredients: PG, VG, nicotine and flavorings. Try reading the ingredients on your bag of chips — that might take a while.


“Can I try that?”


Let’s be honest: people would rarely ask to try something that you eating or drinking — and if you were smoking, no one would ever think about asking you to “try that”. But because vaping is still sometimes looked upon as a circus stunt, you may get some curious individuals asking you for a puff.


What are the most annoying questions on your list?

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