There can be many reasons why one might want to start vaping. For most people, however, it’s a way to stop smoking and transition to a habit that, according to Public Health England, is 95% less health risky. So, what do you need to start vaping?


Pick a vaping device


The first thing you will need to get to start vaping is a vaping device. And there are several types of vaping devices out there:


E-cigarettes. These are the vaporizers that look very much like cigarettes — and, in fact, this is pretty much what the first ever vaping devices looked like as well. E-cigarettes are a great first step for those who want their vaping experience to replicate smoking almost precisely — but it does come with its own set of limitations.


Examples of devices: MyBlu, Mig Cig, VaporFi, etc.


Pocket vapes. These are compact vaporizers that are typically designed specifically for first-time vapers. There are made for portability and are super easy to use. Most of these devices are draw-activated and come with replaceable pods — this means you won’t need to manually refill your e-liquid but simply get a new pod every time you are out of e-liquid.


Examples of devices: JUUL, iQ Air, SMOK Infinix, etc.


Box mod vaporizers. These are the most sophisticated and complicated types of vaporisers — which also allow for most customization. These devices are typically sought-after among experienced vapers and cloud chasers and let you play around with settings for the best flavor experience.


Examples of devices: SMOK T-PRIV, Vaporesso POLAR, VooPoo DRAG 2, etc.


Hybrids. Hybrids are vaping devices that go somewhere in the middle between pocket vapes and professional box mods. They are typically medium-sized devices with either refillable or one-time-use pods with no learning curve to get started — and you get to make pretty big clouds.


Examples of devices: SMOK NORD, iQ One, Suorin Vagon, etc.


Pick your e-liquid


This is the fun part. You will get to choose between a wide range of flavors from icy mango to cappuccino and strawberry to classic tobacco. But before you get to choosing the flavor, take some time to look into the other components of your e-liquid.


First, decide whether you want to vape free base or nic salts. Without getting into too much detail, nic salts are known for closely imitating a smoking sensation and are able to deliver higher nicotine concentrations in one puff.


Speaking of nicotine concentrations, this is another thing to consider. If you are an ex-smoker, start with the e-liquids that will deliver a similar amount of nicotine into your system: nic salts might be the best option here. As you move towards quitting nicotine altogether, lower its concentration until you get to nicotine-free e-liquids.


Finally, choose the right VG/PG ratio. Liquids with higher VG (vegetable glycerin) concentration make for bigger clouds but might clog up your device. Liquids high in PG (propylene glycol) are clearer and less sticky but will also produce less clouds. Note that some people are also allergic to propylene glycol (about 4% of the population) — if this is the case with you, look for e-liquids that are 100% VG.


And...that’s pretty much it. Once you have your vaping gadget and your e-liquid, you can start blowing clouds.

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