In this post, we have compiled a list of tips and regulations for traveling with your vaping gear. How to pack your vaping device for a flight? Can you have e-liquids in your carry-on? Find answers to these and many other questions below.


Can you bring a vaping device to your destination?


Prior to deciding on how and where you will transport your vaping gear, it’s important to carefully research vaping laws and regulations of the destination you will be traveling to. Quite a few countries have very strict vaping bans in place — this means that you will not only be allowed to vape in the country but even have vaping devices in your luggage. What’s more, some countries implement very harsh punishments to those who violate the vaping regulations, including heavy fines and even jail sentences.


What to bring with you?


Next, you will need to decide what exactly you will be taking with you (provided, of course, that you are allowed to bring your vaping gear to your destination). Typically, in order to fully re-create the vaping experience you are used to, you will need to pack the following:


● Your vaping gadget (it’s best if you take choose something compact and light like iQ Air or, if you need more “oomph”, iQ One)

● All the removable components (tank, battery, etc.)

● A charger for your vaping device

● Extra coils, pods and wicks (if needed)

● Extra vape juice

● A carrying case for your vaping gadget

● A sealable bag for your e-liquids


How to pack your vaping gear?


Take the time to think this part through as improper handling of your vaping gear when traveling can not only lead to you damaging your vaping device but also stain and destroy the contents of your luggage. So, what rules should you follow when packing your vape gear?


First, it’s strongly recommended that you have a reliable protective case for your vaping gadget. If you are willing to invest in it, get a case made specifically for your vaping device. If you don’t have the time to go shopping, use any padded case that won’t give your vaping device too much room to move around. This will prevent damage to your vaping device in the form of cracks and dents — and, most importantly, accidental firing.


Second, it’s best to store the batteries separately in order to avoid short-circuiting.


Third, place your e-liquids in a sealable bag and check if they are securely closed. If you keep your e-liquid in glass bottles, it’s also recommended to put some padding in between them or use bubble wrap.


Rules and regulations for bringing your vaping gear on a plane


If your destination country does not ban the import of vaping devices and e-liquids, you can bring your vaping gear on the plane with you. However, there are some rules to follow and it is strongly recommended that you get in touch with your chosen airline prior to your trip and check on what regulations apply to the transportation of vaping devices. Most airlines will require you to do the following:


Transport your vaping device in your carry-on. It's best to empty it of e-liquid to avoid leakage caused by changes in pressure.


Note that are allowed to have up to 100ml of liquids in your carry-on and if you have e-liquid in your vaping device, it will count towards the 100ml limit.


Special care should be exercised when transporting batteries. Batteries will need to be placed in your carry-on and it's best to pack them in a padded carrying case and cover the metal parts with electric tape. Most airlines impose a limit on how many batteries you can travel with — but this does not include the batteries that are already in your vaping device. Note that if you are traveling with a mechanical mod without a safety timer, it’s best to remove the batteries altogether.


For the vaping juice in your checked luggage, as we've already noted above, it's best to have your e-liquid bottles placed in saleable bag together with other liquid items. It's so best to keep them close to the top of your suitcase in case you may be asked to present these for additional inspection. Finally, it’s advised that your keep all your e-liquids in their original packaging and with the labels still on them.


Traveling with your vape gear by bus, train or car


While the regulations for bringing your vape gear on a bus or train are much less strict compared to those imposed when traveling by place, it is still suggested to keep to similar guidelines:


Pack your vaping gear carefully, preferably in special cases and sealable bags.

Keep your vaping gear close so that you can easily present it for inspection if needed as well as check or leaks and other problems.

If possible, keep you vaping juices in their original packaging.


Finally, traveling with your vape gear will be easier if your vaping gear is meant for travel: an oversized box mod will be much harder to move around with than, say a portable pod mod. Thus, if you prefer to use top-notch professional vaping gear, consider getting a travel vaping kit or a more travel-friendly version of your device. We are happy to help: all iQ vaping devices are travel-friendly and come with anti-leakage and other protection features.

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