IQ, a pod system manufacturer based in California, announced that they are launching their new juice line today in conjunction with the new year. This move comes after a year of releasing five different devices sold to vape enthusiasts around the world.

Their juice line is being lead by their Take Control campaign where they hope to help smokers transition to vaping. In a market where the largest vape company only offers two nicotine levels, IQ’s juice line offers five different levels of nicotine. 5%, 3.5%, 2.5%, 0.9%, and 0% levels give gradual steps to fit a wide variety of vaping needs. This makes IQ one of the first vape manufacturers to offer 0% e-liquid.

This is being launched in the first week of the new year to be a solution for smokers with a resolution to quit. IQ strongly believes that vaping can be a positive alternative to smoking and wants to provide the best tools to make the switch.

IQ isn’t just trying to help smokers, however, IQ also wants to provide more options to vapers. That’s why IQ has created five unique and rich flavors to choose from.

The first is our Blueberry flavor. A Hangsen fusion flavor, our IQ Blueberry juice offers the refreshing and delightful taste of blueberries without overwhelming your palette. As easy to vape as the fruit is to eat.

The second is our Mango flavor. You can enjoy every note of the tropical fruit when you vape with this juice.

The third is Menthol flavor. It will gently coat your mouth and throat and make the air around you taste cooler. Our perfect mixture of menthol and spearmint lives a desirable after taste.

The fourth is the Strawberry flavor which flavor teleports you to simpler times of going strawberry picking and biting into fresh fruit. The sweet and juicy flavor will treat you well.

The fifth flavor is the Tobacco flavor. It gives you the classic taste of American tobacco. That unmistakable robust taste is perfected for the bold and created for smokers.

It’s time to take control of what you put in your body. Use the IQ juice line and devices to make the best decision for you. Future you says thank you.


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