iQ is a small revolution in the vaping devices sector: it’s a hybrid pod vaping system that is discreet, informative and interactive.


Hybrid: vape nic salts or free vase


With iQ 3Secs, you won’t need to limit yourself when it comes to the choice of e-liquid. The device is compatible with both nic salts and free-base vape juices — so, feel free to experiment and keep your flavor options open.


Interactive LED display


The 3Secs is one of the most interactive vaping devices on the market — and this makes it a great option for new vapers as you will get plenty of information about your vaping session from the device itself. 3Secs’ miniature screen will tell you how much battery life you have left and how many puffs you gave taken.


Compact and discreet


iQ 3Secs is one of our most compact devices — you will be able to easily fit it into your pocket or use discreetly outdoors without drawing attention to yourself. Coming in simple black or white color options, it would be a great match for those looking for a stylish yet classic vaping device instead of a bright colorful box mod.


Optimal on-the-go use


iQ 3Secs is really easy to use — and is the perfect on-the-go vaping gadget. There are no complicated settings to tweak or button combos to press. The device is draw-activated — all you need to do to start your vaping session is inhale. 3Secs uses easily refillable 2ml pods to store your e-juice and, as we’ve already mentioned above, you can use it with both nic salts and free base.


Long lasting battery + fast charge


Despite its miniature size, the 3Secs packs a nice 500mAh battery and will let you enjoy long vaping sessions. Plus, thanks to fast charge support, you will be able to get the device from 0% to 100% in just 45 minutes.

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