iQ released their new product iQ ONE on March 7th in the US Market.


Many people take a fancy to iQ ONE at the first glance. First of all, its design is quite impressive. Among the four colors - charcoal, tangerine, fuchsia mix and white splat, the former two colors are leather finishes, making you feel soft and comfortable holding at hand. These two may suit well the businessmen and engineers. While the latter two covered by IML finishes deliver a message of high fashion to the customers. Artists and Musicians tend to love this sleek and cool design. Secondly, this device can use both freebased nicotine and salt nicotine e-liquid, which makes lazy people enjoy these two kinds of juices by taking only one device. I think this is essential for me - really convenient!

Thirdly let's come to the flavor part. There are two kinds of coils, one is 0.6 ohm for free base, and the other is 0.8 ohm for nic salt. Although there are SMOK Nord and Aspire Breeze 2 in the market already, but iQ ONE's flavor is better - every draw is the original taste of the juice flavor. I used blueberry juice for free base and menthol juice for nic salt for they are my favorite flavors. Nic salt is not so harsh, but still give you the satisfaction of throat hit. No leakage or burning issue come out during my test. Furthermore, the vapor production is not bad, not so outstanding though. I had a smooth drawing experience when using this device and with the adjustable air flow ring, I can adjust the air flow to what I want. Finally, it has a big battery capacity, 1100mAh, allowing the long-last using. Imagine you take this little device for hiking, driving or travelling, it can last for the whole day.

iQ is a brand aiming at turning more and more people from smoking to vaping, which reported by many media is a reduced risk alternative to smoking.

People take traditional cigarette to release their bad mood or pressure. For them it's a habit, and a lifestyle. But tens of thousands of people die every year because of this habit.

We should choose a reduced risk alternative for our own good. I would appreciate for iQ because they are indeed making out some good products to fulfill their mission. iQ ONE is a wiser choice for us, like the slogan of it, "the only one you need". You can really get everything you need about the habit in this iQ ONE. View more about iQ brand via:

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