From pod mods to box mods — all vaping gadgets come with batteries. And this means that there is a risk, though very small, of something going wrong. The worst case scenario here would be a battery explosion — and nobody wants that.


There are two main causes of battery problems: low quality vaping gadgets and poor battery maintenance habits. The best way to make sure your battery works well and your vaping sessions are safe is to take proper care of your battery.


Regulated mods feature a circuit board to regulate the current and come with built-in or removable batteries. These types of devices are most suitable for rookie vapers. You will be able to make small adjustments to the wattage and voltage — but the current will be controlled preventing damage to your battery. With that, there are still a few things to watch out for.


Buy quality gadgets. Make sure your device comes with a full set of safety features onboard:

short-circuit, overtime, overcharge, overheat, low power, no load, etc.


Stick to the amperage limit. One of the key battery safety rules is to never exceed the amp ratings of your battery. Your vaping device may give you the option to draw extra power — but it’s best not to use it. Vaping at higher amperage may lead to your battery overheating, which is potentially dangerous.


Pay attention when using your mod. As most portable mods’ batteries come with very weak safety encasing, it’s important to avoid dropping them on hard surfaces. If you have dropped your vaping device and it’s malfunctioning, place it in a thick container and dispose of it via a recycling waste bin.


Use suitable coils. Make sure you are using the coils that match your device. Read the manual for your vaping gadget and contact the device manufacturer for advice if needed and never use a coil that does not match your device’s power range.


Store your mod in a safe place. Never leave your mod next to flammable material or open fire. Make sure it stays away from extreme heat or cold and out of the reach of children and pets.


Don’t overcharge and use original charging gear. Check the power requirements for your device and make sure you use a suitable power outlet — especially when traveling. It’s strongly recommended not to leave your vaping gadget to charge overnight: while most devices will automatically cut off the power supply when they are fully charged, if this feature malfunctions, overcharging becomes dangerous. It’s also advised to use the original charging cable and charger that came with your device.


Make sure to get compatible batteries. If you are using a mod with removable batteries, make sure to buy suitable replacements when it’s time to change your battery as there are several types of batteries commonly used in vaping mods: IMR, ICR, LiPo, etc.


Don’t let the batteries loose. If you carrying replacement batteries with you, put them in a padded case where they are separated from each other. If the batteries are loose in your bag, they come into contact with each other or other metallic objects, which will result in leakage.


At any time, if you have questions regarding battery safety or feel that there is something wrong with your device, stop using it and contact your device manufacturer.

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